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Conjuring In Camberley

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Saturday 16th October 2021 and its showtime at The Camberley Theatre. After a long lockdown it was great to see people making their way to this epic venue in the heart of Surrey to see an evening of spellbinding magic. Hosted by comedy magician Andy Reay the evening kicked of with great energy and lots of laughs. The fun didn't stop there. Next up was a magician who started his magical career as a street entertainer in London's Covent Garden. Audience members young and old warmed to Paul Regan's cheeky style. After a short interval it was back for the final part of the evening. Fans of television magic and Penn & Teller would recognise our final artist, none other than sleight of hand master Michael Vincent. To say Michael had the audience hanging on his every word and movement was an understatement.

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